A scratchcard is a card with scratchable coating containing concealed confidential information, which can be revealed by scratching off the coating. Scratch panels may come in any form and size.

A special offer for our corporate customers: we can manufacture scratchcards (lottery tickets, fuel cards, etc.) on our NEW, powerful production line with fully automated printing and verification cycles. You have the choice of two scratchable coating application technologies: embossing or scratchable sticker.

The capacity of this production line is up to 100 thousand cards per day, with 100% guarantee of the quality of variable information printing and application of scratchable coating.

Variable information may be printed using printers of two types that can print on any (including lacquered and laminated) paper. We can print numbers, codes, PINs, barcodes and other variable information, and special software will make sure that every card has correct printing on it (checking it against the database).

Scratchable coating may be applied using a scratchable sticker or scratchable foil embossing. Scratchable coating may come in grey color, with “zebra” pattern or holographic (even featuring the customer’s logo). The process of checking the scratchable coating application quality is also fully automated.

To produce scratchcards, we can use cardboard with graphite layer offering additional protection against show-through.

We can print a block of several cards in the form of one standard card with scratchable coating applied along the entire length of the card and containing perforation for convenient separation.

Free pilot samples of our products are available upon request.

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