We will package any number of your cards (magnets, chips, etc.) in film. Your cards may be of various sizes and shapes, including several pieces in one package. Our extensive experience and wide choice of materials guarantee high quality of the finished product.


Our production facilities have TWO packaging lines, where printed products are packaged in transparent film.

The first packaging line is fully automated. All the operator has to do is to place finished cardboard or plastic cards (86×54 mm in size) into it, and remove the packaged cards. The machine does the rest. This line can easily handle packaging of limited-size cardboard or plastic cards, and has the production capacity of up to 100 thousand cards a day.

We can offer cutting of 86×54 mm cards on our cutting press from your printed materials. In that case, packaging of finished products will be much faster and cheaper.

Automatic packaging of cardboard and plastic cards (86×54 mm):
Number of copies500100020003000500010 00020 00050 000100 000200 000500 000Over 500 000
Unit price, UAH w/o VAT0.690.610.560.530.470.440.300. agreed

The other line makes empty film pockets for packaging of printed products that come in other (nonstandard) sizes (various chips, lottery tickets, cards, etc.).
The packaging size is limited by width only (300 mm). The line’s production potential is 10-30 thousand per day.

Semiautomatic packaging of printed products of other sizes (up to 100×70 mm)
Number of copies500100020003000500010 00020 00050 000100 000Over 100 000
Unit price, UAH w/o VAT1,811,471,301,201,070,730,560,470,44as agreed

Simply give us your products in any convenient way, and pick them up packaged at the agreed time

We have special offers for our regular customers.

We can also make special offers for large orders.

If you have problems with packaging nonstandard cards, we will be happy to help you solve them.



If you want your cards to be packaged individually and you want to do it yourself, we will make a bag strip for you. It will be a semi-sleeve divided into clear bags by a sealed seam and perforation, open on one side. Simply insert your card (chip, magnet, etc.) in film and seal it using any heat sealer. We can make these bags very fast.

For standard-size cards (86×54 mm), we ALWAYS have them in stock.

A price list for customer-packaging bags (for a standard card 86*54 mm):
Number of copies1000500010 00020 00050 000100 000Over 100 000
Unit price, UAH w/o VAT0.30.2160. agreed

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We promise to respond ASAP with clear information.

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