We use three scratchable coating application technologies: fixed-size scratchable sticker, embossing with special foil and screen printing using UV inks. Application in sheets and on finished cards is possible.


The first and most important method is a special SCRATCHABLE STICKER. In this case, scratchable coating is automatically applied, simultaneously with printing of variable information, onto the fully-finished (cut) cards. The advantages of this method include speed, low price and quite OPAQUE base of the sticker. Presently, we offer three fixed coating sizes: 45×10, 40×8 and 35×7 mm, grey and with “zebra” pattern.

The second scratchable coating application method is well-known and quite comprehensible SCREEN PRINTING Our semiautomatic lathe applies special scratchable ink onto sheets of finished printed materials of various density and type (A3 and smaller formats). The advantages of this method are obvious: the scratchable coating is applied fast and inexpensively, and it can have various shapes and sizes depending on your requirements. After that, the printed materials are cut into flyers, leaflets, cards or whatever else you have ordered.

The third technology is EMBOSSING of the scratchable coating. We make a stereotype plate according to your layout, and apply scratchable foil using a special machine press. Embossed scratchable coating is more expensive and has its downsides, but it allows making a coating in “silver” or “gold”. As an additional bonus, we can cut cards of any desired shape on the same machine press. In other words, your lottery tickets will no longer look like “boring” rectangles but may come in VARIOUS SHAPES.

A price list for the scratch-off-label application service:
Number of copies500100020003000500010 00020 00050 000100 000Over 100000
Unit price, UAH w/o VAT0.640.520.380.310. agreed
A price list for the scratch-off foil hot stamping service:
Number of copies5001000200030004000500010 000Over 10 000
Unit price, UAH w/o VAT1.210.950.810.790.770.740.70as agreed
Price for UV screen printing
Circulation50100200300500100020003000500010 000 and more
Selective UV Coating, А3+ (320х450)15,88,95,33,62,72,21,81,51,41,3
Selective UV Coating, А2+ (700х500)22,312,87,85,64,43,63,12,82,62,5
Scratch layer 1+0, А3+ (320х450)26,915,29,06,44,83,93,22,92,62,5
Scratch layer 1+0, А2+ (700х500)33,718,011,28,77,05,95,35,24,94,8
Print over scratch layer, А3+ (320х450)26,514,98,96,34,83,83,22,82,62,5
Print over scratch layer, А2+ (700х500)51,728,015,911,28,15,94,64,13,73,5

We can apply scratchable coating onto your- or our-printed materials, with additional services if desired (cutting, printing variable information, etc.).


We ALWAYS have scratchable stickers available in stock, which you can buy and apply onto your products yourself. Available sizes: 45×10, 40×8 and 35×7 mm, grey and with “zebra” pattern (with slight differences).
The number of stickers on a roll is 10 000 pcs.
The unit price of a sticker is UAH 0.12 w/o VAT (if you buy a whole reel). For lesser quantities, the price is UAH 250 per one thousand pcs.

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