Dear customers and partners! Once again pleased to invite you to our stand at the exhibition of advertising and marketing RemaDays 2019! As always, we will provide fresh product samples, updated price lists and answer all questions.


Dear customers and partners!
We invite you to visit our stand at the international exhibition of advertising REX 2018!
As always, will provide you with fresh samples and price, tell and show technology, answer all questions.
See you at the exhibition!


Dear customers and partners!
The warehouse of our company received scratch-stickers of new sizes: 45×10 (gray), 40×8 mm (with a zebra pattern) and 35×7 mm (gray).
One reel contain 10 000 stickers. As always, sales are possible from 1000 pieces.
When buying more than 5 reels we promise an interesting price!

Looking forward to your orders!
Sincerely, Scratch LLC.

Dear customers and partners!
We are glad to offer you lottery production using a new technology – with a tear-off window!
Lottery size can be from 45×50 mm to A3 inclusive. The size of the tear-off window (or even the tear-off part of the lottery) is limited only by the size of the lottery itself.
Lamination or varnishing are possible, incl. selective varnishing.
For a detailed calculation or for more information, write to

We are waiting for your letters!
Regards, SCRATCH Team

Dear customers, partners and just friends!
You are invited to visit our stand at the REX 2017 trade fair. We’ll be happy to consult you on all our production technologies, answer all your questions and offer new samples of our products.
The trade fair will be held on 19-21 September, and our stand is No 49.

All visitors will receive discounts on future orders!

Respectfully, the SCRATCH team.

Dear customers and partners!

We now have in stock a new consignment of scratchable stickers available in two sizes: 36×6 mm grey and 40×8 mm with “zebra” pattern. As always, you can buy them in batches starting from 1000 pieces, or in reels.

A 20% discount applies to orders of five or more reels.

We look forward to your orders!

Respectfully, the SCRATCH team.